The Biblical Astronomy of the Birth and Return of Jesus Christ and the Dual Fulfillment of Revelation 12, [Part 1]

The Biblical Astronomy of Birth and Return of Jesus Christ and the Dual Fulfillment of Revelation 12, [Part 1]

In our study of the Biblical Astronomy of the Birth and Return of Christ we have noted that Jupiter the king planet, as the Star of Bethlehem led the Magi to Jerusalem, and ultimately to the young child Jesus. In our thesis of the Celestial Prelude we have also shown that the triple planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BC, served the Magi well in fore-shadowing the actual signs of the birth of Christ, directing them to another triple planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus, four years later. We have also shown the likelihood that these triple unions of Jupiter-Saturn may have marked the birth of Abraham, circa 1953 BC. A key element of the signs marking the birth and return of Christ is understanding the dual significance of Rev. 12. This study will endeavor to highlight key elements of this dual significance according to the Biblical Astronomy teaching inherent in Revelation 12.

In the History of Astronomy the Conjunction cycle of Jupiter-Saturn is thought to open a window on the precession of the equinoxes, according to the base 60 mathematical pattern. This phenomena was witnessed in the ancient Astronomy of numerous cultures including the Maya, Romans, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Chinese, and astronomers of ancient Egypt. In fact, the Chinese Zhuanxu Calendar is thought to have started in 1953 BC, linked with a significant predawn all-planet alignment on March 5th. According to astronomers Kevin Pang and John Bangert of the Jet Propulsion Labs, in an ancient text written by Liu Xiang [77-9 BC], this alignment took place near the Pegasus Square, [Plate II] between the two fish of Pisces. Pang stated: “While the beginning of a day is dawn, a five-planet conjunction occurring at dawn, with a new moon, and the start of spring would truly be the beginning of all cycles. For calendar makers, such a moment would also be an ideal starting point for counting days, months, years and planetary periods.” 1 The idea of a Jupiter-Saturn triple union taking place with an alignment of the planets, indicates a possible termination point, where all solar system planetary cycles were in agreement early in their cycles. This idea agrees with Jupiter-Saturn triple unions occurring in Pisces only once every 800 years, showing how this Conjunction series subdivides the 25,920 year cycle of precession. Since 30 cycles of Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunctions taking place in Piscestotals a period of 24,000 years, a they serve to generally break down this long cycle of the precession of the equinoxes, into 2000 year ages.

Figure 1. The Precession of the Equinoxes

bi-polar world axis

Like the ancient Egyptians, the Maya pyramid-building culture of ancient Mexico had a very advanced Astronomy. Their own version of the 360-day year, was called a “tun” adding 5 extra days, called “haab,” considered an unlucky period, on a regular basis to make a 365 day year. According to Peter Thompkins, Mayans also; “calculated the orbit of the Earth about the Sun as 365.2420 days, and marked the close of the year by the erection of a stone they called a “tun.” They did likewise for a twenty-year cycle or “Katun,” a period they believed governed by the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.” 2  [emphasis mine]

Thompkins continues in telling us; “The Maya had a very special sacred year of 260 days called tzolkin, that the Aztecs called tonalamatl.” This 260-day sacred calendar was “divided into 13 months of 20 days and the multiples of 13 and 20 became the heart of a chronological computation, stunning in its simplicity and exactness. A greater cycle of 260 years was 13 consecutive Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction cycles of 20 years.”3[emphasis mine]

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This greater 260year cycle based on Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions, was also a tool anciently utilized by the Mayans to break down the very long cycle of the precession of the equinoxes. Thompkins states that: the “Maya also had a cycle of 942,890 days, or 2,582 years, that turned out to be 130 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions.”4 Twice this cycle [5,163 years], not only gave the equivalent of the greater 260-year cycle of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, but 100 of these greater 260-year cycles was equal to 26,000 years, often reckoned the length of the precession by the ancients, as seen in Figure 1 above.

The following chart shows how precessional ages correlate to the Biblical Administrations, revealing a consistent progression of themes as God’s Plan of the Ages unfolds. This provides the overarching context for God’s plan of redemption and restoration of Mankind and Creation, through the redeeming work of Christ-the centerpiece of the Ages.

Precessional Ages Aligned with Biblical Administrations
 Zodiacal Sign  Biblical Administrations  Heavens & Earth  Precess Age

Start Dates

 Sirius  Angels First Estate  First    Gen.1:1-2
 Gemini  Original Paradise  Second  6480 BC  Gen. 3:8ff
 Taurus  Bible Patriarchs  Second  4320 BC  Gen. 3:23ff
 Aries  O.T. Law  Second  2160 BC  Ex. 19:16ff
 Pisces  Christ/Grace/Revalation  Second  7BC-now  Matt. 3:11ff
Acts 2:1ff
IThess. 4:13
 Aquarius  Final Paradise  Third  2153 AD  Rev. 21

This march of the precessional ages is recorded in certain ancient star maps like the Dendera zodiac, from ancient Egypt, in a recognition of the axes built into its structure. God designed certain triple Conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn as individual markers and movements in a grand celestial Symphony of the Ages, ultimately leading to Christ’s Birth. The 1953 BC triple union of Jupiter-Saturn took place in the sign Aquarius, marking the Birth of Abram. As the Father of Many Nations, and progenitor of the line of believer’s, Abraham through his offspring, Isaac and Jacob would bear the promised seed. This triple Conjunction confirmed that Christ would come out of the nation of Israel, constituting the 12 tribes of Jacob, whose name God changed to Israel, to reflect their spiritual inheritance.

The Prophet Daniel taught the Magi and other astronomers of the king Nebuchadnezzar’s court [Dan. 5:11] about these planetary unions from the contemporary example of a Jupiter-Saturn triple union 523-522 BC in Virgo. Less than 400 years later, in 132 BC a new star or supernova exploded onto the scene, in a decan of Virgo called Coma.

Pictured as seen in the Dendera zodiac below, in the head of the child held in his mother’s arms, the new star, or supernova entered the picture drawing attention to the sign Coma, meaning “The Desired of all Nations” [Hag. 2:7]. This supernova burned brightly for about 275 years as a beacon lighting the way to the general time wherein the birth of Christ would occur. This truth disclosed that as The Desire of all Nations, Jesus Christ was coming for the redemption of all mankind, not just Israel.

Plate I. The decan Of Coma

Image result for decan corona

The Magi were surely some of the first of these Gentiles whose response to this light of salvation made history. The Coma supernova also set the stage for the next triple union of Jupiter-Saturn in 7-6 BC that lead to the birth of Christ. This Conjunction took place in Pisces and marked a transition in the ages of the precession of the equinoxes, from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces. This new Precessional Age was marked because in the prior 2160 years, Aries was the sign wherein the Sunrise occurred on the Spring equinox. The Triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in 7 BC marked the first time the Sun arose in the Sign of Pisces, on the Spring equinox, signifying the new Precessional Age of Pisces. Below we find the king planet Jupiter in retrograde motion in Pisces in 7 BC, [Plate II] forming its triple union with Saturn. The dates of these three conjunctions are as follows:

1. Jupiter-Saturn in Pisces: May 27th, 7 BC
2. Jupiter-Saturn in Pisces: Oct. 5th, 7 BC
3. Jupiter-Saturn in Pisces: Dec. 1st, 7 BC

Over 2000 years has already passed since this opening of the Piscean Age, with the Birth of Christ taking place four years after its opening. This Sign of Pisces is marked by two fish, one swimming vertically towards the North Pole and the other horizontally along the ecliptic. These fish represent the houses of Israel and Judah, and it further disclosed that the Promised Seed would come out of the Royal House of Judah. Christ had to be the Son of Adam, Abraham and David to fulfill all righteousness. The fullness of the gap between the sufferings of the Lord, seen during his first Advent, and his glorious return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, continues to take place in the spiritual Administration of Grace and the Piscean Age. Finally, this 7 BC triple Conjunction [Plate II] gave the Magi all they needed to identify the signs marking the birth of Christ in 3-2 BC, when the triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Regulus occurred in Leo, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, [Rev. 5:5]. This panoramic view of Biblical and Celestial History, beautifully encapsulates how God utilized the Gospel in the stars, coordinated with Divine Scripture, to disclose in increasing detail the identity of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Plate II.  Jupiter in retrograde its triple union with Saturn in Pisces in 7 BC. 5
Triple conjunction

A central theme in God’s plan of the ages becomes evident in the triple conjunctions of Jupiter-Saturn in celestial history. As we have seen in the signs surrounding the birth of Christ, the Celestial Prelude involving the 7 BC triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn, was key in unlocking the understanding for the Magi to recognize the actual signs of Jesus’ birth in 3-2 BC. As we noted in the celestial signs surrounding the birth of Abraham, as a forerunner of Jesus Christ, we can witness a recurring theme involving the retrograde motion of the King planet-Jupiter, in relation to Saturn. The central theme regarding these Jupiter-Saturn unions delineates along interrelated Biblical themes found in Rev. 12. The first theme is spiritual warfare between the celestial powers of light and darkness. It also outlines the spiritual/genetic line of the Promised Seed from Abraham to Christ.

Another principle guiding our study of the birth and return of Christ concerns the dual fulfillment of the signs evident in Rev. 12. We find this first in the dual significance of the “woman” of Rev. 12. In verses 1-2 the woman refers to Mary who bore Jesus Christ, as she is symbolized in the constellation Virgo, the only sign of a woman on the ecliptic. As the Rev. 12 record proceeds, the representation of this woman changes. Rev. 12:6 tells us this woman fled into the wilderness for 1260 days, which does not match with the time Joseph and Mary fled Israel with Jesus into Egypt, so it no longer refers to Mary, but Israel. From the first prophecy of the Promised Seed [Gen. 3:15] the woman’s seed was declared as the one to bruise the serpent with a terminal death blow to its head. Rev. 12:4 below reveals the central goal of the adversary, “to devour the woman’s child as soon as it was born.” All of Biblical history revolves around this conflict between the two seeds; the seed of the woman and the serpent’s seed. Just as the “woman” has a dual fulfillment, so the symbolism in reference to the serpentdragon in Rev. 12 changes also.

Revelation 12: 3-5
3 And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.

“And there appeared another wonder in heaven”- “Another” is a Greek word indicating that this heavenly wonder was different from that described in Rev. 12:1. Even as the first heavenly wonder involved the woman of the Constellation Virgo, so this second heavenly wonder, although different from Virgo, was still a celestial Constellation.

and behold a great red dragon“- Although there are several celestial candidates for this sky dragon, including Hydra which also spans a third of the stars of the ecliptic with its massive size, it becomes apparent that Draco is the sign that is referred to in its initial significance in Revelation. This is the first of 13 occurrences of the Greek word “drakon in the book of Revelation, with the first eight uses of this word here in Rev. 12, [Rev. 12:3,4,7,7, 9,13,16,17, Rev. 13:2,4,11, Rev.16:13, 20:2]. The number thirteen is symbolic of rebellion and the dragon embodies the idea of spiritual warfare in the heavens. As we inspect the details of the Biblical record of Revelation 12, the characteristics of Draco the dragon come to the surface. The first incidence of the word “Dragon” in Rev. 12:3 are focused traits of Draco over the other names of the adversary in Rev. 12:9. As a result of the war in heaven, the dragon and his third of the heavenly angels were cast down to the earth. This was depicted astronomically as a meteor shower in 3 BC, surrounding the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Figure A. The October 8th Giacobinid Meteor shower of 2000.

Related image

R.H. Allen was one of the first I’m aware of that linked the casting down of the dragon and his angels to a meteor shower. The meteor shower in question originated from the Dragon at the North pole, links to its parent comet known as the Giacobini-Zinner Comet. According to Robert Wadsworth, author of the Biblical Astronomy Newsletter:

Meteor showers are named after the constellations they are seen radiating from as veiwed from earth. The radiant of this particular shower was in Draco the Dragon.” Wadsworth states; “Giacobini-Zinner is a well known short-period comet of 6.5 years, and has been observed to circle the Sun on many other occasions.”6 Wadsworth also states in another Newsletter that, “The shower erupts only around the years of the comet’s closest passages.”7

  Although the Earth’s passage through the comet’s trail can be predicted, the resulting intensity of the Meteor shower cannot be, with much certainty. In the October 7th-8th Giacobinid Meteor shower of 2000, [Figure ADraco was observed high above the horizon during the early evening. Wadsworth tells us: “Earth reached the same point in its orbit as with the 1998 Meteor shower, at about 9 PM on October 7th, portraying the casting down of the dragon. He also adds that this scenario along with the meteors-falling stars-brings to mind Rev. 12:3-4.”8 Thus Wadsworth also, sees a correlation between a Meteor shower and the fallen angels being cast to the earth, as R.H. Allen did 100 years before.

I was not aware of the idea of this specific Meteor shower being linked to the second celestial wonder of Rev. 12, until
I heard a teaching of Rev. John Nessle regarding the Eta-Draconid Meteors correlated with the birth of Christ.

 According to Rev. Nessle, there are actually 3 sets of Draconid meteorstwo of which show a radiant from Eta-Draconis. One of these is viewed as the greater and the other the lesser of the Eta-Draconids. It is the lesser of these two that occurred during the period of Sept. 9th-12th in 3 BC.9 A defining factor of this Meteor shower is that the lesser Eta-Draconids are best viewed at sunset, or in the early evening, while most Meteor showers are best seen later at night, as stated in the excerpt below from the October 2nd, 98’ Weekly News Bulletin of Sky & Telescope;

On the evening of Oct. 8th, debris from the Periodic Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner may provide a stunning sky show. The Giacobinid Meteor shower produced two of the greatest  Meteor displays seen in the 20th century in 1933 and 1946. Lesser showers arrived in 1926, 1952, and 1985. Unlike most Meteor showers, the Giacobinids are at their best in the evening rather than after midnight. Their radiant is in the tail of the Constellation Draco. This point is highest right after dark at mid-northern latitudes; it moves lower throughout the night and is near the horizon by dawn.”10

This fact alone showing the meteors falling from their radiant in the dragon’s tail as the dragon sign itself descends from the upper reaches of the sky to the earthly horizon in the dawning of a new day, when Christ was born depicted the casting down and descent of the dragon’s power, on the Sept. 11th birth of Christ. Since this new day began at sunset in the Hebrew Calendar, the moments of the birth time of the promised seed were revealed with the setting of the star Spica, about 20 minutes after Sunset in Virgo. The graphic of Draco at the celestial North Pole below [Plate III] depicts the head and body of the dragon inside the northern polar circle, with the dragon’s tail starting with the star Thubanoutside of the polar circle.

Plate III. Draco the Dragon and the North Astronomical pole, from the Star Atlas of Hevelius. 11


Also shown is Cepheus the Crowned King with Polaris, the pole star, between his feet.

Since the star Eta-Draconis is located below the serpent’s head near the ecliptic North pole, with Thuban in the dragon’s tail, as the equatorial pole star, it symbolizes the dragon’s dominion, both as the original morning star and the god of this world. We should note that although this north-pole of the Equator was wrested from the dragon, via the precession of the poles, he still holds sway over the pole of the ecliptic, the celestial axis around which the circle of the equatorial pole revolves. This is a still point in the heavens near the core of the Dragon, and the Cat’s Eye Nebula [NGC 6543] between the stars Grumium and Chi Draconis. A note of interest regarding the star Grumium, also spelled Grumian, meaning the subtle or deceiver, is Denning: “considers it the radiant of the Meteor stream seen about the 29th of Mayalso called The Draconids.”12  This identifies one of 3 separate Meteor showers from Draco, with this one being the only one whose radiant is not Eta-Draconis. In Figure i. below, three stars of the 2nd magnitude stars in the head of the dragon are readily apparent, along with the red star Thuban in the serpent’s tail. The testimony of the dragon sign embodies the enemy cast down, along with a category of the spirit realm seen in the meteor shower framing the birth of Christ. Although the casting down of the dragon took place in the 1st Heaven and Earth, [2 Pet. 3:5-7] in the deep past before human history, the Dragon’s fall with his minions was not a foregone conclusion until Jesus Christ was resurrected and Ascended. This is one aspect of the Rev. 12 record, shows it is not in chronological order. With the birth of Christ, the prophecy of the dragon’s doom [Gen. 3:15] was embodied in the promised seed for the first time. This Meteor shower from September 9th-11th 3 BC, marking the birth of the ascending Morning star, shows most clearly this transition of heavenly and earthly power, tolling the death knell of Draco’s dominion. The occurrence of this Meteor shower at sunset was another sign of confirmation that would have drawn the Magi’s focus to sunset, as the time of day to be watchful for the celestial signs marking the birth of Christ.

Figure i. Draco the Dragon at the Celestial North Pole

This Eta-Draconid Meteor shower during the birth of Christ also links to the planet Saturn, tying the Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunction of 7 BC to the Jupiter-Regulus triple union in Leo 4 years later. This first stellar connection is based on the retrograde motion and triple unions of Jupiter, 4 years apartSaturn is also linked to the star Eta-Draconis in its regular transit across the Meridian at midnight of May 23rd, documented for centuries taking place only 3 days prior to the first Jupiter-Saturn union on May 27th of 7 BC. This binds the 1st Jupiter-Saturn Triple conjunction to the series of celestial signs marking the birth of Christ from 3-1 BC, opening with the May 19th, 3 BC Mercury-Saturn union. This not only provides another conclusive celestial bond between the signs of 7-5 BC and 3-1 BC, but also links Draco vertical at the north pole to the Jupiter-Saturn triple union,

horizontal on the ecliptic, depicting the casting down of Draco from his high perch at the North Pole to his horizontal position on the ecliptic. This linkage between the planet Saturn and the star Eta-Draconis focuses on the original dominion of the dragon especially his temporal lordship, at the pinnacle of Creation. But the Meteor shower depicts the dragon cast down at sunset, signifying the twilight of his radiance and dominion. The Eta-Draconid Meteor

 shower surrounds the birth of Jesus Christ on September 11th, leading to the first Jupiter-Regulus triple conjunction in Leo, on the 14th. This September 14th date is key for at least three reasons. First, it falls within the annual twenty-day period when Virgo is clothed with the Sun. Secondly, it marks the start of Saturn’s 13-year ring cycle  13, and thirdly it marks the 1st Jupiter-Regulus Conjunction in Leo in 3 BC. Since this Planetary union was visible to the Magi, as early as the 11th of September, the meteors would have been falling from their perch high in the northern sky, signifying the casting down of the dragon with his third of the stars of heaven, at the same time of the events marking the birth of Christ, the heir apparent to fill the gap in heaven vacated by the serpent and his minions.

Plate IV. Stellarium shows the ecliptic signs Cancer through the Bow of Sagittarius in the Fall of 2017. 14


Plate IV. above shows the Virgo-Ophiuchus section of the ecliptic in December of 2017 following the Rev. 12 signs of September 2017. The Sun is no longer clothing Virgo, having moved on to Ophiuchus-Scorpio, while these planets are no longer aligned in Leo, but Mars is in Virgo, Jupiter is in Libra and Saturn has past Ophiuchus into Sagittarius.

Thus we can see the keys that recognition of the Eta-Draconid Meteor shower provides in the initial fulfillment of the dragon of Rev. 12:3-4. But in the recent celestial signs related to Sept. 23rd of 2017, there are other aspects of the record concerning the serpent in Rev. 12 that surface. In the signs surrounding the birth of Jesus, the focus was upon Virgo and Leo along with Draco, however in 2017 taking into account all the concurrent planetary triple conjunctions, the zodiacal signs of Ophiuchus, Serpens, Corona, Scorpio and Libra play a much larger role. The linguistic roots of “Ophiuchus come from the Hebrew and Arabic  “Afeichus” meaning the serpent held.”15 Here we find the Serpent-held by Ophiuchus located under the womanVirgo’s feet, ready to devour the promised seed at birth. We know this was fulfilled at the birth of Christ when Herod had the children two and younger, murdered in Bethlehem. But in the 2nd fulfillment with the 9/23/17 birthing of Jupiter sign in Virgo, we can see the risen Lord Jesus Christ restraining the serpent-Serpens, in Ophiuchus, [2 Thess. 2:3-6]. Ophiuchus is conclusively identified with Christ in the triple conjunction of Saturn with the star in the serpent-holder’s left foot, called Saiph, meaning “bruised.” This of course is linked to the first prophecy of the promised seed in Gen. 3:15, seen in Plate V, below.

Plate V. Ophiuchus, Serpens, Scorpius & Corona

serpentine asterism

(Rev 12:9) And2532 the3588 great3173 dragon1404 was cast out,906 that old744 serpent,3789 called2564 the Devil,1228 and2532 Satan,4567 which deceiveth4105 the3588 whole3650 world:3625 he was cast out906 into1519the3588 earth,1093 and2532 his848 angels32 were cast out906 with3326 him.846

In verse 9 we find four names of the adversary [dragon, old serpent, the Devil, and Satan], referring to four different aspects of the enemy’s spiritual dominion over the darkness of this world. We also see a fifth name-deceiver, which is a common trait in the other four names of the enemy. The Devil must deceive people into following his ways, because nobody in their right mind would ever voluntarily follow him if they knew his true nature. Thus deception is a universal trait of the enemy’s kingdom, and his mode of operation. This shows how the enemy has marshaled his spiritual forces of fallen angels in juxtaposition to the Godly order of Light. As we consider Serpens the serpent, one aspect of Serpens that arrests our attention is the recurring theme of the dragon’s head and tail, that we discussed relating to Draco. This alerts us to the idea that, as each of the enemy’s four names in Rev. 12:9, indicate different functions in how the adversary opposes God’s purposes. These serpents in the sky indicate varying aspects of his opposition to God, when taken together, provide a detailed picture of how he works his evil designs as god of his world kingdom. As we consider these four serpentine signs both individually and collectively, we will glean a fuller lesson of their message. As Robert Burnham states: ”Serpens is the only star group completely divided into two portionsSerpens Caput [head] to the west of Ophiuchus, and Serpens Cauda [tail] to the east.”16

In support of this structure, the stars within this Constellation follow suit. It is intriguing to notice that the head and tail of the dragon are specifically marked by the 2nd magnitude stars of this ConstellationBurnham points out that “the Beta star in Serpens marks the head… while the Theta star marks the end of the serpent’s tail.”17 He goes on to highlight an intriguing link to Roman myth, where “Serpens is a symbol of the divine healer Aesculapius who became the god of medicine, and who appears in the sky as Ophiuchus the serpent bearer.” 18

Ophiuchus’ battle against his enemy is pictured in this Constellation group as the Scorpion and Serpens, in conflict over the Crown of dominion. This gives us an example of adopting a composite view to glean the truth from theses celestial signs. Man’s struggle for dominion against the serpent is highlighted by the temporary wound the serpent inflicts on him, as shown by the Scorpion bruising his heel [Gen. 3:15]. The star picture of this initial prophecy of the promised seed cannot be fully grasped, unless we take a composite look at [Ophiuchus, Serpens, Sagittarius, Scorpius & Corona], in the context of the birth signs of the promised seed in Rev. 12.

and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.” These efforts of the serpent to devour the promised seed, and the nation that would bear him are seen in their second fulfillment, especially with its celestial location and the following characteristics of Serpens. Obviously the serpent’s efforts to devour the promised seed were not successful at his birth, but that did not stop the enemy’s conflict with Jesus, even after his Ascension. Here we can see the serpent’s focus in this conflict changing from Mary and her seed to IsraelAs the serpent holder divides the serpent into its head and tail sections, the head and neck of the serpent are marked with seven stars, [Plate IV] as the Greek word for “heads” indicates.

having seven heads“; kephale [*G2776] Thayer’s states; “Metaphorically anything supreme, chief, prominent; of persons, master, lord. Its also used of a husband in relationship to his wife, [I Cor. 11:3, Eph. 5:23], of Christ the lord of the church, [Eph. 4:15, 5:23, Col. 2:19, 1:18, 2:10].”19
 As the Lordship of the arisen Morning Star Jesus Christ is identified in his positive traits, so the serpent’s negative traits are symbolized in the name “Lucifer” (halal), denoting a coordination of light and sound, seen in the seven notes of the musical scale as they tie to the seven colors of the light Spectrum. The importance of seven heads correlates to the seven stars of the serpent’s lordship and his authority exercised as god of this world. [Job 26:12-13]
This likely refers to a seven-fold leadership in the spirit realm as a shadow image of Christ’s Lordship, [Eph. 1:20-23, Rev. 1:16-20].

Plate VI. Corona Borealis

Image result for decan corona

“and seven crowns upon his head- the word crowns [G1238] means “a diadem filament of silk, linen, or something similar. 20 Used here and [Rev. 13:1, 19:12.]” The Crown decan here is Corona Borealis, marked by seven stars, forming a crescent, the brightest of which is Al Phecca meaning the Shining, [Plate IV, VI].  This crown symbolizes spiritual dominion as the reason for the serpent’s conflict with Ophiuchus. But with Christ’s Ascension to the right Hand of God in Heaven, [Rev. 12:5] this conflict is a foregone conclusion against the serpent.

As this star picture of Ophiuchus’ battle against the serpent relates directly back to the first prophecy of the promised seed in Gen. 3:15, where the seed of the woman bruises the head of the serpent, while the serpent’s seed bruises the man’s heel, we can see the dragon’s head directing the spirit realm in his tail. Here the dragon exercises his desired acts of persecution and destruction against the woman’s seed, carried out by the serpent’s seed-those following the Way of Cain [Jude 1:11], in open rebellion against the true God. Ophiuchus is conclusively identified with Christ in the triple union of Saturn with the star in the serpent-holder’s left foot, called Saiph, meaning “bruised.” The graphic below in Plate VII shows concurrent retrogrades of Mars and Saturn in 2016, climaxing in August with a conjunction of Saturn-Mars and Antares, the red heart of the Scorpion. Scorpio appears in Plate V, as crushed under the right foot of Ophiuchus. This planetary conjunction of Saturn and Mars on Aug. 24th of 2016, led to the Great American Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 as Saturn completed its 2017 triple union with Saiph in Ophiuchus’ left foot, being stung by the Scorpion in Plate V above. E.W. Bullinger tells us that “Saiph is also the name of the star in Orion’s right leg and the very word used in Gen 3:15, connecting Orion to the primeval prophecy. Like Ophiuchus, Orion has one leg bruised: while with the other he crushes the enemy underfoot.“21

Plate VII. Concurrent Retrograde motions of Saturn and Mars 2016-2017.

Image result for Saturn - Mars-Antares 2016

Saturn’s 2016 retrograde motion is shown in Plate VII above in the upper left solid white line marking the dates of Saturn’s progress from 2-14-2016 to 9-1-2016Mars concurrent retrograde is seen with the dotted line starting in Libra in the upper right, through Scorpio also from 2-14-2016 to 9-1-2016.

The two retrogrades of Saturn and Mars align with Antares the heart of Scorpio on 8-24-2016, as seen in Plate VIII below. These concurrent retrogrades of Saturn and Mars in 2016 set the celestial stage, not only for the triple union of Saturn and Saiph in 2017, but also the concurrent triple conjunctions of Jupiter-Spica in Virgo and Mercury-Regulus in Leo on Sept. 9th of 2017Saturn began its retrograde in Ophiuchus March 26th, then Saturn entered Sagittarius for 84 days prior to returning to Ophiuchus May 18th, 2017. Around August 21st, 2017 Saturn reached its Western stationary point North of the star Theta Ophiuchi, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse across AmericaSaturn’s retrograde ended a week later on August 28th, 2017. After returning to its regular motion, Saturn completed its 3rd union with Saiph on Sept. 6th, 2017, as Mercury was in retrograde, looping around Mars and Regulus in conjunction in Leo, on Sept. 4thSaturn remains in Ophiuchus till November 18th, 2017, before heading back into Sagittarius.

Plate VIII. The planetary conjunction of Saturn and Mars with Antares in Scorpio on Aug. 24th of 2016.

Observers in the British Isles with a clear sky one hour after sunset on 24 August (9:03pm London; 9:26pm Edinburgh; 9:16pm Cardiff; 9:32pm Dublin) should find a location that offers an unobstructed view of the south-southwest horizon. Here you will see first-magnitude star Antares in the constellation Scorpius, Mars and Saturn all in a line in the bright twilight — all three objects easily encompassed by the field of view of a low-power binocular. For scale, this view is about 25 degrees wide, or a little over the span of an outstretched hand at arm's length. AN graphic by Ade Ashford.

After the heavenly sign of 9-23-2017, there was also a notable conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in Ophiuchus, once the Moon moved below Virgo’s feet. The sign Ophiuchus  depicts the man in his conflict with the Serpent Serpens. The Serpent is shown above in Plate V, with the 7 stars of Corona the Crown over its headjust out of reach of the “god of this world.” The symbolism of this crown also changes depending on the identity of the man Ophiuchus. In Original Paradise via the serpent’s temptation of Eve, this crown embodied the authority that God gave the first Adam over the earthly kingdoms, that was handed over to the serpent. The tempter confirmed this in [Luke 4:5-6] when the Devil told Jesus “all this power will I give unto you, and the glory of them, for that is delivered unto me…” This shows Jesus was tempted with Adam’s former dominiondelivered unto the Devil. Jesus did not dispute that the Serpent had this power as he claimed, he just did not succumb to the temptation. Thus, the authority of the first Adam was included in the crown of Corona Borealis, as the potential authority held by the second Adam-Jesus Christ, that the Devil has eternally failed to obtain. Another element of this authority is seen in the 1/3 of the heavenly stars cast down in the dragon’s tail. This authority was within the serpent’s grasp prior to his fall, but it does not include the other 2/3’s of heavenly angels under the dominion of Christ, in service to the Heavenly Father. Thus we can see a dual significance of the Crown-Corona Borealis as it relates to the Serpent, depending not only on if he is interacting with the first or second Adam, but if the second Adam, then if it is the risen Christ.

“And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.” This verse, illustrating the figure of speech symperasma, effectively encapsulates the entire life of the promised seed, from the sufferings beginning at his birth, to the glory of his enthronement at the right hand of his Heavenly Father, during the gap of the Grace Administration. This is the story that occupies the centerpiece of history, and is the central theme of the celestial gospel, God’s purpose of the Ages, regarding the coming of His only begotten son Jesus Christ, to destroy the works of the devil. Jesus Christ as the second Adam restores godly spiritual order, thrown into chaos by the failed coup of the serpent’s revolt and resulting war in heaven.

Thus the union of the Moon with Saturn in Ophiuchus as a latter part of the Rev. 12 heavenly sign on 9-23-2017, unmistakably identifies the Serpent-Serpens with its prominent head and crownas the 2nd “wonder in heaven,” related to the end times return of Christ in Rev. 12: 3. We can also see how the dual fulfillment of the Dragon-Serpent changes depending on whether the enemy is interacting with the authority of the 1st or 2nd Adam. The main key to unlocking the Scriptures always begins with Who is Jesus Christ, and his authority changes before and after his Resurrection and Ascension. Obviously, Rev. 12:1-2 does not refer to the risen Christ, and not until verse 5, where he is caught up to God’s throne does the authority of the risen Christ come into effect. We find here the seven fold order of the Dragon’s spirit kingdom referenced in the Dragon’s 7 heads along with the 7 crowns upon his heads.

In summary, we have seen a dual fulfillment of Rev.12, in a number of important aspects of this text, first with the “woman” as Mary and Israel. Secondly, with the woman’s seed as both the first and second Adam. Thirdly, we find a dual fulfillment related to the adversary, first with Draco the dragon, then with Serpens the serpent. This is evident in how the Dragon was cast down in the 1st Heaven and Earth, prior to time or human history, and before there was a created human for the serpent to struggle with. Finally, we also find a dual fulfillment with Corona Borealis the Crown of dominion and its associated authority, which changes depending on whether the serpent is interacting with the first or second Adam. As we recognize these key elements of Biblical Astronomy in the Rev. 12 record, we can clarify our understanding and help others who may be confused with all the rampant theories on this subject.

God Bless!!



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The Modern Blood Moon Tetrads and the Mars-Spica Triple Conjunctions

The Modern Blood Moon Tetrads and the Mars-Spica Triple Conjunctions

As we continue our review of the heavenly signs surrounding the replay of the Rev. 12 wonder, Part 1 of this review focused on the Triple Conjunction of Jupiter-Spica in Virgo. This post will feature the Mars-Spica triple unions in Virgo, that began in the Spring of 2014. Since we did not initiate our Blood Moon Blog until July of 2014, we did not provide the in-depth coverage of the first signs of the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad, as we have since. This Blog post will help rectify that oversight. First however, we need to give some added context to the backdrop of the Rev. 12 sign in light of the Celestial Sphinx. As we saw in Part 1 of this study, heavenly signs in Virgo and Leo require extra attention since they embody the alpha and omega constellations of the Mazzaroth, the Hebrew Zodiac. Virgo’s seasonal position in the skies in relation to the Harvest seasons and feasts of the Hebrew Calendar speak volumes to us, and was something the faithful of Israel paid attention to in light of the OT Book of Ruth below.

God’s plan of redemption was structured around the feasts of the Hebrew Calendar illustrating future events in Bible prophecy. The better we understand how these feasts are fulfilled in the ministry of Christ as ProphetPriest and King, the fuller our grasp will be of the end-times we are living in. The Feast of Unleavened Bread shows the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the first-fruits from the dead, [I Cor. 15:20-23]. The wheat harvest of the Feast of Pentecost aligns with the giving of the holy spirit on the Day of Pentecost, when the apostles and believers first spoke in tongues. The Feast of Tabernacles depicts the resurrection of the just and unjust, in the harvest at the end of the world.1 This was highlighted by the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad especially in the Blood Moons during the Feast of Tabernacles of both years, emphasized during the Jubilee year of 2015.

Related image

There were 7 weeks of counting, that linked Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread with Pentecost. At the time of the first Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, Israel left the bondage of Egypt. A major transition point during the Exodus was the giving of the Law at Sinai, to which Pentecost became linked. The last Passover embodied in Jesus Christ symbolizes not only Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, but the Church’s Exodus from death and bondage in the OT Law. The current Blood Moon Tetrad of 20142015, conspicuously marks the Passover feasts of both these years in the last Blood Moon Tetrad that will not occur again on Hebrew feasts or holy days, for another 500 years! Christ’s redeeming work led to Pentecost in 28 AD, when the new birth first became available, and the gift of holy spirit was poured out as prophesied by Joel [Joel 2:28-31], starting a new spiritual administration, the Age of GraceChrist was resurrected at the first harvest during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as the first-fruits of the dead. At Pentecost in 28 AD, the believers were made a harvest, manifesting the first-fruits of the holy spirit as they spoke in tongues for the first time; [Rom. 8:23]. Believer’s in the Age of Grace having the first-fruits of the spirit, will meet Christ in the air in his victorious return for his Saints, gathering us together, [I Thess. 4:14-17]. Christians in the current end times are warned by a series of Blood Moon Tetrads, among other heavenly signs, leading to the last days prior to our gathering together unto the Lord. The final, and complete harvest will be at the return of Christ with his Saints, when the enemies of God are vanquished. God’s Word describes this and what follows as the harvest at the end of the world.2 [Matt. 13:38-39]

As the first-fruits from the dead, Jesus Christ is the crown of God’s spiritual harvest, being resurrected at the first harvest during the feast of Unleavened Bread. At the very time of offering the first-fruits according to Leviticus 23:10-11, Jesus Christ furnished himself as the first-fruits from the dead, the first in a long line of believers who will conquer death.

One aspect in the celestial relationship to these feasts is seen clearly in connection with the Book of Ruth. This short story in the OT Bible record holds great insight for our understanding of the Lord’s Feasts, as they relate to the 1st and second appearances of the Lord Jesus ChristRuth was a Gentile woman, of the Moabites, who by God’s Grace and Mercy was included in the Royal genealogy of King DavidRuth 2:11-12 records Boaz’ high opinion of Ruth and her reward, for her trust under the Hand of the God of Israel. Ruth came to Bethlehem with Naomi, at the start of the Barley harvest [Ruth 1:22 to 2:22], gleaning in the fields of Boaz to the end of the Barley and Wheat harvests, [Ruth 2:23]. Following this she obeys Naomi’s instruction to go to Boaz, activating her right of the eastern custom called kinsman redeemer. Since Boaz was part of Naomi’s family, and both Ruth and Naomi’s husbands had died, it became Boaz’ right to take Ruth in marriage, if a closer kinsman didn’t activate this right ahead of him. Ruth 3:9 shows how Ruth presented herself to Boaz and how he covered her with his cloak, signifying his acceptance and protection of her, in their resulting impending marriage.

As we consider the skies during this time of year in Israel, its instructive to realize Virgo’s position during this harvest season. When viewed historically, we find astronomers as early as Caesius, linking Virgo with Ruth gleaning in the fields of Boaz.3 Annually we find Virgo’s position mirroring the harvest seasons as follows. Virgo arises in the East during the Barley harvest and Wave Offering, at the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Virgo at Sunset on September 11th 3 BC, marking Christ’s Birth.

virgo at sunset on september 11th 3 bc

Virgo is at zenith, the highest point in the sky during early evening at the start of the Wheat harvest, during the Pentecost Feast. Finally, Virgo is setting in the early evening western skies of the latter harvest, during the Feast of Tabernacles. As we see in the graphic above, this matches Virgo’s position on the eve of September 11th, in 3 BC!4 We should be reminded that this was the period when the Sun was clothing Virgo, giving us a beautiful link to Boaz spreading his cloak over Ruth, as a figurative sign of his acceptance and protection of her. Since Boaz was part of the royal genealogy leading to the Christ, the Sun of Righteousness and the light of the world, enlightening Virgo is truly a beautiful celestial figure aligning with this Scriptural truth. It also embodies the Bride-groom [Ps. 19:5], as Christ, the light of the world clothing his Bride-Israel, a figure of the marriage supper of the Lamb, all foreshadowed in Boaz redeeming his kins-woman Ruth! This Marriage Supper of the Lamb will occur during the Feast of Tabernacles, while the latter harvest relates to the 14th day of this seventh month of Tishri.

Also, when the Gentile Ruth came to Bethlehem, the birthplace of both David and Jesus and was allowed by God’s Grace, to share in the Lord’s royal genealogy, she was a forerunner of the Gentile Magi who came to Nazareth as the first Gentiles to recognize the promised seed. Remember that it was his starJupiter in Virgo leading the Magi to Jerusalem, for their meeting with Herod in search of Jesus. The graphic below depicts, not only the 12 signs of the Hebrew Zodiac mosaic in the floor of this Hebrew Temple, as seen quartered in the four points of the compass or the Cardinal directions.

Hebrew Zodiac

Hebrew Temple Zodiac

This perspective on the Book of Ruth gives us a panoramic view of the Biblical harvest feasts in light of the celestial events surrounding the birth of Christ. We can see that these harvest feasts were first addressed to Israel in the Old Testament, with important applications to the Blood Moon Tetrads in the Age of Grace marking the victorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we recognize Jesus Christ; the master key to unlocking God’s Word, both written in the heavens and in Scripture, our understanding of the majesty of God’s Word and Works to and for man, is enlightened at new levels of understanding. To establish this pattern we should also expect to see the pattern of these sacred feasts and holy days appointed by the Heavenly Father evident in the ministry of Christ to Israel.

The Seven Phases of the Ministry of Jesus Christ

The following teaching pertains to and documents the length of the ministry of Jesus Christ as a literal period of 70 weeks according to the prophecies of Daniel 9. If we look at the period of Christ’s Ministry on Earth during his first Advent, we must first realize that the length of his ministry could not be three years because he had to fulfill every jot and tittle of the OT Law or else he would  have left mankind un-redeemed, and our salvation incomplete. According to [Ex. 12:5Jesus as the embodiment of the Passover Lamb [Jn. 1:29, 36] had to be “lamb of the first year without spot or blemish,” so the length of his ministry could not exceed 2 years at the maximum! The following chart from Rev. Jon Nessle’s Seminar on The Lord Jesus Christ, 5 discloses the seven phases of Christ’s Ministry and the length of his ministry-just over a year. Many of these phases of Christ’s ministry were announced with audible words from heaven, like his baptism where the thunderous sonic boom saying ; “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” We have also added the links of these seven phases of Christ’s ministry to Israel with the Lord’s Feasts on the Hebrew Calendar.


The Seven Phases of Christ’s Ministry

Christ Titles                                                        Length              Ministry Events-Dates                     

Jesus Christ-Righteous                                  40 days             Baptism-Temptation         

Jesus Christ-Evangelist                                 3 months          Ministry Inception               

Jesus Christ-Apostle                                     3 months          Pentecost-Tishri 10              

Jesus Christ-High Priest                               6 months          Tishri 10-Nisan 10                

Jesus Christ our Passover                            7 days              Nisan 10-Resurrection         

Jesus Christ-Firstborn                                  40 days             Resurrection-Ascension       

Jesus Christ-Ascended One                         10 days            Ascension-Pentecost              

The events above illustrate the opening of the Christ Administration, and capping off the OT
 with the Ministry of John the Baptist. In [Matt. 3:17] The Voice of God in an audible 
mandate from heaven” decreed Jesus as “His Beloved Son.” This opened the ministry phase
of Christ the Righteous, at his baptism on Nisan 1/ Feb 16th, 27 AD marking his next 40 days
of temptation. During the 2nd phase of Christ’s ministry as the Evangelisthe called the 12
 and did his first Temple cleansing at PassoverNisan/14-21/27 AD. John 4:1 tells
us the “Pharisees heard that Jesus had gained and baptized more disciples than John,” also
during the 2nd phase of his ministry.6 Christ the Apostle is seen in the Sivan 13th Sabbath,
when he proclaimed the “acceptable year of the Lord” at Pentecost, [Isa. 61:1-2, Lk. 4:17-21].
Note that this “year” is in the singular, meaning the entire length of his ministry did not
exceed two years
, as verified by Christ and IsaiahJesus Christ the High Priest is seen
starting with Tishri 1  where he turns 30 years of age, becoming eligible for the Priesthood
for the first time, prior to the Feast of Tabernacles. In this phase of his ministry Jesus began
teaching his disciples about his coming sufferings and death, laying down his life as both the
High Priest and perfect Sacrifice. This phase was also marked by an audible mandate from
 at the Mount of Transfiguration [Matt. 17:1-8]. Jesus Christ our Passover is seen
in his two entries into Jerusalem, the 2nd of which marked the day that the Passover Lamb
was selected 
by the priests of Israel, Nisan 8-4/22/28 [Lk. 19:29-48]. The Apostle Paul
also refers to these aspects of Christ’s ministry phases as the Passover [I Cor. 5:7], and as the first-born from the dead once Christ is Resurrected, Nisan 17-5/1/28 to 6/10/28 [Col. 1:18]. With the Ascension of Christ leading to Pentecost, we see the birthday of the Church of the body of
Christ. This opens the Age of Grace in the book of Acts, with sounds from Heaven; [Acts 2:4]
and the Apostle Peter’s sermonsaving over 3000 new believers in their spiritual rebirth. Herein
we still reside today, as we look to the end of the Age of Grace climaxing with the Return of Christ
FOR his Saints, 
[I Thess. 4:13-18]. 7

Thus the pattern of the Lord’s Feasts are all highlighted with major events and transitions in the 7 phases of Christ’s ministry of 70 weeks, as we expect to see this pattern established with the conclusion of the Age of Grace with more voices and sounds from Heaven when Christ returns FOR his Saints, [I Thess. 4:16]. These are the same Feasts of the Lord that have been highlighted by the Blood Moon Tetrads since the Ascension of Christ, culminating in the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad, followed by the Solar and Lunar eclipses of 2016-2017 leading to the rewind of the Rev. 12 sign on 9-23-17 and the Hebrew feasts of 2017.

April 15th, 2014 opening Blood Moon of the 2014-2015 Tetrad

Illustration of Mars in our night sky.

A key aspect of the opening of the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad was the Mars-Spica triple conjunction in Virgo. This was based on the retrograde motion of Mars in Virgo’s womb, as seen above during which Mars passed Spica three times in Virgo, foreshadowing the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Spica in Virgo’s womb in 2017. The dates of this Mars-Spica triple conjunction in Virgo are as follows:

Mars-Spica #1: Feb 1st, 2014 in Virgo
Mars Spica #2: March 27th, 2014 in Virgo
Mars-Spica #3: June 13th, 2014 in Virgo


Image result for 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad images

The opening Blood Moon of the 2014-2015 Tetrad took place on April 15th, 2014 marking the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, between the second and third Mars-Spica unions. What is fascinating is that Mars in retrograde not only marks the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrads, but also the previous two Blood Moon Tetrads in 1949-50 and 1967-68!! In addition to this, the triple planetary conjunctions linked with the Mars’ retrograde also mark all three sets of modern Blood Moon Tetrads according to the pattern of the Celestial Sphinx as follows, in a reverse timeline:

Mars-Spica #1: Jan. 20th, 1967 in Virgo
Mars-Spica #2: Apr. 20th, 1967 in Virgo
Mars-Spica #3: July 4th, 1967 in Virgo

The Second 1967 Mars-Spica union took place 4 days before Passover. Here Mars-Michael the warrior arch-angel stands strong in battle against the Arab enemies of Israel, not only in the 6-day war, but also in the previous war for Israel’s independence, as seen at the Mars-Regulus triple conjunction in Leo in 1947-48′. Israeli military forces recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on June 7th, 1967, three days after the third Mars-Spica union in Virgo.

Image result for 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad images

The first modern Blood Moon Tetrad was highlighted by a Mars-Regulus Triple union in Leo as follows:

Mars-Regulus #1: Nov. 28th, 1947 in Leo
Mars-Regulus #2: Feb. 18th, 1948 in Leo
Mars-Regulus #3: May 19th, 1948 in Leo


The Third Mars-Regulus union took place 5 days after Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14th 1948.

Image result for 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad images

The first Mars retrograde marked the first modern Blood Moon Tetrad in 1947-48 in Leo, with a Mars-Regulus triple conjunction. The following 2 Mars retrogrades marked the next two Blood Moon Tetrads in Virgo, with 2 sets of triple planetary conjunctions of Mars-Spica. Here we find an emphasis on the Alpha and Omega signs of the Hebrew Mazzaroth as seen in the Celestial Sphinx signs leading to the replay of the Rev. 12 sign in Virgo.

In this study we have reviewed the pattern of the Lord’s Feasts, highlighted with major events and transitions in the 7 phases of Christ’s ministry of 70 weeks. We have also witnessed how the signs of the Celestial Sphinx in Virgo and Leo at both the birth of Christ, and during the modern day Blood Moon Tetrads, have been marked with triple planetary conjunctions of Jupiter and Mars resulting from these planetary retrogrades as we have noted previously in the aspects of the Celestial Prelude. In our next blog we will study some added triple conjunctions that emphasize this message even more! The Heavenly Father is certainly working overtime to get our attention regarding the significance of our current times. As Ministers of Reconciliation, we can all speak the wonderful words of Christ’s redemption truths that have been marked so clearly both in God’s Word, and in the heavens!!


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