March 20th Total Solar Eclipse at the North Pole


March 20th Total Solar Eclipse at the North Pole

According to many Bible historians, the pattern of Blood Moon Tetrads falling on Hebrew feasts points to deep significance of our current times in 2014-2015. Prior to the April 4th Passover Blood Moon, an unprecedented Total Solar Eclipse will occur on March 20th, the Spring Equinox. This also marks the beginning of the Hebrew month of Nisan, the first month in their ecclesiastical year, at the midpoint of the Shemitah year on the Hebrew Calendar. Any total solar eclipse reaching the rarefied air of the North Pole is unique, and the path of this Total Solar Eclipse follows exact tracking that ends at the North Pole, putting it within eclipse totality for about 2 minutes. A total solar eclipse at the North Pole on the Spring Equinox takes place about once every 100 centuries, but it has never happened on Nisan 1 in Hebrew Timekeeping, especially when combined with a Super-moon, putting this Total Solar eclipse in a class by itself. The Almighty is obviously trying to get our attention when He shows us unique heavenly signs like this, so what is the big deal about a Total Solar eclipse at the North Pole?

Figure 1. The Astronomical and Geographic Poles

Astronomical versus geographical Poles
Earth’s Geographic Poles in relation to Ecliptical and Equatorial Poles

In Biblical Astronomy, there is great significance attached to the North Pole, which we will explore in this Blood Moon Blog post. As this Total Solar Eclipse marks not only the center point of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, but also the center point of the Shemitah Year on the Hebrew Calendar, it is noteworthy indeed! To understand the importance of the North Pole in this context, we need to take a detailed look at the primary constellations in the northern sky and their Biblical star names to see the story they tell. Isaiah 14 below describes the fall of Lucifer from heaven, which is depicted in the zodiac sign Draco at the astronomical North Pole, seen below in Figure 1.

Isaiah 14:12

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

The demise of Lucifer is depicted in a key way with the astronomical mechanism known as the precession of the poles, in the star Thuban: alpha draconis, the brightest star in Draco the dragon, the original pole star. The precession of the poles is indicative of Lucifer’s demise, because the pole star has moved from Draco, and now resides near Polaris, or Al Ruccaba of the “little flock” of Ursa Minor. This pole star between the feet of the crowned king Cepheus, depicts Jesus Christ in at least two ways. First, as the prominent king, and new Chief Cornerstone, since Cepheus is the crowned king at the North Pole, even as Regulus the king star, is between the feet of Leo, the Lion king of Judah; [Gen.49:10]. Cepheus also means ” the branch” and is depicted as a king holding a branch at the northern pole, [Jer. 23:5, 33:15]. Secondly, and with spiritual hindsight, he is the head of his spiritual body, the Church. God put all things under Christ’s feet, indicating his seven-fold lordship over all Creation; [Eph. 1:20-23]. The exception to this, of course is God Himself, Who Christ ultimately subjects himself to; [I Cor. 15:27-28], avoiding the pitfall of Lucifer’s ego when he tried to take the Creator’s place. As God’s Name implies, there can only be One Almighty God! E.W. Bullinger refers to this precession of the North pole and Al Ruccaba specifically as follows:

 “Although the star does not revolve like the others, the central point in the heavens is very slowly but steadily moving. When these constellations were formed the Dragon possessed this important point, and the star alpha, in Draco, marked this central point. But by its gradual recession, that point is sufficiently near this star Ruccaba, in the Lesser Sheepfold, (Ursa Minor) for it to be what is called “the Polar Star.” But how could it have been known five or six thousand years ago? How could it have been known when it received its name, which means the turned or ridden on? That it was known is clear: so likewise was it made known in the written Word that the original blessing included not merely the multiplication of the seed of the faithful Abraham, but it was then added, “And thy seed shall possess the gate of thy enemies,”1 [Gen. 22:17].

   This is an obvious indicator of the accuracy of these God-inspired star names [Ps. 147:4], dating back to antiquity, showing God’s divine insight in the heavenly gospel  from the beginning. This is also a point we have already come upon, that the purpose of the Revelatory Astronomy of God stands in juxtaposition to the evolutionary theories governing modern scientific Astronomy. Bullinger’s reference also shows the witness of the stars in concert with that of the Scriptures that is a consistent testimony throughout this study, and a major theme of our blog and web-site.

 This stellar transition of the pole star reflects an aspect of the transition of power from the fallen Morning star, who presided over ten categories of precious stones, representing angels [Ezek. 28:14], to the Risen Morning Star [Rev. 22:16], presiding over 12 categories of precious stones, as the High Priest representing the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 signs of the zodiac, and later perhaps the 12 apostles at the foundations of the Age of Grace.

Fig. 1a. The Precession of the Poles

Fig. ia. The precession of the north polestar, from Thuban to Polaris over the last 5,000 years.
triple planetary conjuction

As the high priest after the order of Melchisedek, Jesus inherits his double square breastplate of 12 precious stones, symbolizing the authority of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah as Priest-King over Israel’s twelve [4 x 3] tribes [Ex. 28:15-30]. In keeping with the celestial symbolism theme, the breastplate, was designed with a niche which held the Urim and Thummim, or lights and perfections; representing the two great lights of the Sun and Moon. As oracles of the High Priest, these two stones would reveal the wisdom and glory of the Creator, even as the movements of the Sun and Moon in the heavens declare the glory of God: [Ps. 19:1]. We find more references to the 12 stones and their variants in the living stones of I Pet. 2:4-7 and the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem: [Rev. 21:19-20] that the prophet Daniel called the Mountain of God, [Dan. 9:16-20]. Here we can see a unified witness of the promised seed bringing the 12 tribes of Israel to deliverance in the New Jerusalem, fulfilling the witness of the 12 signs of the zodiac. This witness coincides with the testimony of the Blood Moon Tetrads throughout the history of the Age of Grace over the last twenty centuries, [read more], where God’s deliverance has always rescued the nation of Israel when they were persecuted by their enemies. The breastplate of the High Priest fastened to the two large bejeweled shoulder studs of the ephod, and by gold chains fastened to the four-corners of the double square pectoral, representing the earth. The four rows of three jewels each, shows the same ecliptic order as Israel’s 12 tribes in their wilderness encampment.

Just as the Written Scriptures have prophetic elements so also does the Gospel in the Stars. These elements are readily visible in the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, and the other Blood Moon Tetrads going back through the Age of Grace: [read more]. The Creator wrote important elements of Spiritual history in the stars for us to decipher and obey, at the appointed time. This is evident as we connect the Biblical Astronomy truths of the North pole to the March 20th Total Solar Eclipse in the Northern skies, and over the Earth’s North Pole. Here is a picture of today’s Total Solar Eclipse taken from Edinburgh. Figure 1b. Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th 2015

An eclipse of the sun from Carlton Hill in Edinburgh
An eclipse of the sun from Carlton Hill in Edinburgh

  Job 26 provides more detail on this intriguing subject.

Job 26:5-13 “The dead tremble, Those under the waters and those inhabiting them.
Sheol is naked before Him, And Destruction has no covering.
He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing.
He binds up the water in His thick clouds, Yet the clouds are not broken under it.
He covers the face of His throne, And spreads His cloud over it.
10 He drew a circular horizon on the face of the waters, At the boundary of light and darkness.
11 The pillars of heaven tremble, And are astonished at His rebuke.
12 He stirs up the sea with His power, And by His understanding He breaks up the storm.
13 By his spirit He hath garnished the heavens; His hand hath formed the crooked serpent.

He hath garnished the heavens“- garnished (*H8231) means to: polish, glisten, shine forth as the dawn, which applies figuratively to alpha draconis as the archaic “bright and morning star,” and the first capstone of creation. It also means to: be beautiful, the notion of brightness is also applied to the building of sound.This matches with the root of  the word Lucifer “halal,which is making a show emphasizing sound and light, showing the reason for the “morning stars singing together,” their praises to the Creator in Job 38:7. This garnishing of the heavens appears to be a figurative reference to the precession of the poles, placed in the heavens by His (God’s) Hand, indicating a heavenly prophecy of the coming redeemer Jesus Christ, [I John 3:8b]. Seiss’ comments on this word “garnished are noteworthy here: “It’s main sense is that of ornament, decoration, something added for embellishment; but it has the further meaning of summons and warning. And by these adornings God hath summoned the heavens and filled them with the proclamations and warnings of His great purposes, if Draco or Hydra are meant, then He himself is the Author of it, and by implication, the Author of the whole system of the constellations of which Draco and Hydra are a part.”6

Figure. 2 The Northern Polar Constellations

. draco and hydra

formed“- *H2342 (coiled) means to twist or whirl in a circular or spiral manner, to dance in a circle or writhe in pain, pervert, travail, be wounded;7 as the fatal wounding of the serpent’s head, (Gen. 3:16). The circular motion or dance, is also figurative for the circular motion of the precession of the poles, where the pole star is wrested from the serpent’s dominion in his painful battle with the promised seed, signified by Cepheus, the crowned king coming into his dominion over the pole starpolaris in Ursa Minor. This word also means to “be full of turns,” as Draco is depicted with his many coils, indicating his wily and subtle nature. Additionally it means to “return, to turn oneself round or away.”8 This word is used twice in Job 26, the first occurrence in verse 5, which refers to the imprisoned spirits of destruction (v. 6 abaddon) that carried out the ruination of the First Heavens and Earth. These spirits, figuratively referred to as “locusts in Revelation 9, are currently captive in the abyss, depicted in Revelation 9. This foreshadows Draco’s destiny, and eternal destruction in the lake of fire, depicted in the stars of the southern polar regions; or chambers of the south, [Job 9:9].

The circular motion or dance, in reference to the word “formed“- *H2342 (coiled), in Job 26:13 depicts an example of a Biblical literary figure for the celestial mechanism of the precession of the poles. Another example of a Biblical figure similar to this aspect of the starry serpent pertains to the “shadow of death.” This shadow was first cast by the author of death: [Heb. 2:14], when he committed the original sin, and iniquity was found in him. This section of Job 26 refers to the serpent, once he became crooked, obviously God did not create him this way. In reference to the ancient possessor of the pole star, formerly embedded in the coils of the dragon’s tail, Proctor wrote: “One might almost, if fancifully disposed, recognize the gradual displacement of the Dragon from his old place of honor, in certain traditions of the downfall of the great Dragon whose ‘tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven’ alluded to in Revelation 12:4.” 9 Once iniquity was found in Lucifer and he turned his back on the Heavenly Father, he separated himself from the source of light and life. The archaic and fallen nature of the morning star is depicted in Lucifer, while its risen victorious aspect is seen in Christ. The relationship between the dragon and the Devil casting his shadow of death is depicted not only the astronomical mechanism of the pole precession, in Job 26:13 above, but it also describes the imagery of an eclipse, as we can see below in Job 3.

Figure. 3. Cetus the Sea Monster, from Bayer’s Celestial Atlas.


Fig. 4 Draco the Dragon and the northern astronomical pole, from the Star Atlas of Hevelius. Also shown is Cepheus the Crowned King with Polaris, the pole star, placed between his feet.

Draco the Dragon at the North Pole
Draco the Dragon at the North Pole

The astronomical cycle of the Precession of the poles thus depicts Lucifer in his former glory in the First Heaven and Earth, as the bright and morning star in his first estate. This precessional cycle also tells us of Lucifer’s successor, the rising Morning Star-Jesus, who was already prophesied, prior to the overthrow of the world, [Eph.1:4]. It’s as if the former days of Lucifer’s brightness and splendor never existed in the eyes of God. Another example of this figure that we  studied in detail on the website [read more] is the Eta-Draconid Meteor Showers, which preceded the first Jupiter-Regulus union in Leo, in 3 BC. This Draconid Meteor shower is a key because the radiant of the shower of stars falling to earth September 9th-11th, [read morewas one of the stars of Draco the Dragon as we have just seen above in Figure 4. This embodies the casting down of the dragon, We will see the signs of 3 BC picking up on the theme of judgment on Lucifer, once iniquity was found in him during his first estate. This imagery is found in the dual significance of the prophecy of Rev. 12 regarding the Birth of Christ, and his victorious Second Coming. In Job Chapters 2-3 we find the record of Job, after Satan has afflicted him, speaking from the depths of his sufferings, he curses his day of birth.

Job 3:4-5, 8-10
4 Let that day be darkness; let not God regard it from above, neither let the light shine upon it.
5 Let darkness and the shadow of death stain it; let a cloud dwell upon it; let the blackness of the day terrify it.
May those curse it who curse the day, Those who are ready to arouse Leviathan.
May the stars of its morning be dark; May it look for light, but have none, And not see the dawning of the day;
10 Because it did not shut up the doors of my mother’s womb, Nor hide sorrow from my eyes.

These verses in Job make some notable connections with the shadow of death. Intriguingly, these connections both carry reference to the darkening of daylight, first seen in cloud covering, and second with the blackness of the day which ominously resembles a total Solar eclipse. Here Job links terror to the “blackness of the day,” along with those who arouse Leviathan, [Job 41] which is another manifestation of the serpent as the sea monster, linked with Cetus in Figure 3 above. This again identifies the true source of the persecution, disease and death, from the author of death, the Devil and Satan. This imagery speaks loudly as to the Biblical symbolism of eclipses as negative heavenly omens, indicative of the enemy’s persecution and war for mankind in general and Israel specifically, as the activity surrounding the Blood Moon Tetrads in history attests. The recurrent theme seen in the Blood Moon Tetrads however, is always the deliverance of the Almighty God, Whose Love for His people is ever true and unfailing.

This Solar eclipse imagery is also found at the crucifixion of Christ, as seen in the apparent period of midday darkness on April 28th, 28 AD, the day of Jesus’ crucifixion. There is no indication of an eclipse that I have found on this day, but the shadow of death that stained this day was more palpable than any other in history, and the blackness of this day was certainly evident spiritually in the death of Jesus. This was turned completely around three days later, however when Christ arose as the “first fruits from the dead.” Thus, the brightness of Lucifer’s day of apparent victory was certainly turned into darkness the moment he turned away from the Almighty, original and eternal Source of Light. We are reminded of this as we look to the next Blood Moon in the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad, which takes place on April 4th 2015, both Passover and Resurrection [Easter] weekend. As the third Blood Moon in this Tetrad, on Passover it commemorates not only the 10th plague of Darkness that consummated the 10 plagues of God’s judgment on Egypt leading to the Exodus, but especially God’s protection and deliverance of Israel, which freed them from their Egyptian bondage. This is the dominant theme of the Blood Moon Tetrads, that no matter what persecution the enemy produces, it always works for God’s deliverance which always improves the overall situation of faithful in Israel, and for Christians alike.

The Biblical imagery of a Total Solar Eclipse is not a good sign for Israel or the nations, as far as the persecution is concerned, especially with it taking place in the midst of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, yet we can take comfort as God’s Judgment is being carried out on our Spiritual Adversary, as God protects His people while bringing the imminent and final destruction of the Devil and Satan to pass.


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Eastern Light Through the Hebrew Tabernacle [Part I.]

Sun of Righteousness
The Sun of Righteousness Arising

Eastern Light Through the Hebrew Tabernacle [Part I.]

The Victorious Return of the Lord Jesus Christ will shine upon humanity like no other light before. This has been prophesied not only in Scripture, but also in the celestial epistles. A third package of divine revelation includes the sacred blueprints of the Hebrew Tabernacle and the Jerusalem Temples beginning with King Solomon’s. A basic pattern emerges involving these plans for Israel’s Temple and Tabernacle as divine architectural expressions of the gospel of the Coming Redeemer-Jesus Christ, serving as a sacred architectural fulcrum between the witness of the stars and God’s written Scriptures. This is the subject of our current study in Biblical Astronomy as it relates to the glorious second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In our previous Blog post [read more] we focused on the Venus-Mars planetary conjunctions of 2015, and how they frame the crescendo of the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015. We drew some comparisons to the heavenly signs surrounding the Birth of Christ in 3-2 BC, which we will pick-up again in this post. We find an important passage of Scripture to get us started in Matthew 24.

Matthew 24:27-36

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

28 For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together. 29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken:  30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: 33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

As Matthew tells us in verse 27, the light of the Lord’s Second Coming will shine from the east to the west. It is known that the Temple was also constructed on this East-West axis, and that the light of sunrise would shine into the Temple’s doors between the great brass pillars at the Temple’s entrance, known as Jachin and Boaz. When we take into account the Solar Eclipse taking place on the Hebrew Feast and holy day-Nisan 1, the opening of the Ecclesiastical Year on the Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2015 along with a Solar eclipse on the Feast of Trumpets, Sept. 13th, 2015 opening the civil year within a week of the Fall Equinox, dividing the year according to these sacred days of the Hebrew Calendar, we can see the Almighty marking this east-west axis, as the Light of the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon on both key days. The truth that these heavenly signs occur during a Hebrew Jubilee Year, also opening on Nisan 1 makes it even more compelling, combined with Blood Moons on both Passover and the feast of Tabernacles, capping off the Blood Moon Tetrad in 2015. These Blood Moons of 2015 are the last ones to occur on Hebrew feast and holy days over the next 500 years.  The temporal pattern of the Blood Moon Tetrads during the last 200 centuries of the Age of Grace have exhibited a septenary pattern of the Hebrew Feast and holy days seen in the Hebrew Calendar, reflected also in the Hebrew Menorah; [read more]. We can also see this pattern in other architectural elements of the Hebrew Tabernacle and Temple. The Jerusalem Temple Doors were framed by two huge brass pillars, called Jachin and Boaz, that are described in I Kings 7. We should notice the Biblical figure of speech pertaining to many ands,” emphasizing each element found between the connective “and,” starting in verse 13;

1 Ki 7:13 And king Solomon sent and fetched Hiram out of Tyre.[14] He was a widow’s son of the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass: and he was filled with wisdom, and understanding, and cunning to work all works in brass. And he came to king Solomon, and wrought all his work. [15] For he cast two pillars of brass, of eighteen cubits high apiece: and a line of twelve cubits did compass either of them about.

For greater details on the celestial and mathematical implications of the measurements of these two pillars please see our study on “Pi in the [read more]

I Kings 7:16 And he made two chapiters of molten brass, to set upon the tops of the pillars: the height of the one chapiter was five cubits, and the height of the other chapiter was five cubits: 17 And nets of checker work, and wreaths of chain work, for the chapiters which were upon the top of the pillars; seven for the one chapiter, and seven for the other chapiter.

“checker”- *H7639 [sebakah]– This shows a lattice work around the capitals of these pillars. The etymology of the word Balustrade [set of small pillars supporting a handrail] is from the Italian “balaustro;” a wild pomegranate flower,1 notable for its seven petals, as in the next verse. With each capital bearing seven chains of pomegranates totaling fourteen in all, the numerical symbolism of these pillars relates to the septenary blueprint of the Temple itself, comprised of 14 squares of 10 cubits each. We have seen prior evidence of the divine pattern of the number seven, as it highlights the temporal structure of the Creation week and the Feast of Weeks, [7×7 weeks] unto Pentecost in the 50th week. We also see the same pattern in 7×7 years, leading into the 50th year of Jubilee.

Hebrew Temple Pillars
Lilies and Pomegranates in the Hebrew Temple

 1 Kings 7:18 And he made the pillars, and two rows round about upon the one network, to cover the chapiters that were upon the top, with pomegranates: and so did he for the other chapiter.

“pomegranates”- Gittith = Winepresses (related to the Autumn Feast of Tabernacles). Bullinger states regarding the biblical symbolism of this word: “There are three Psalms which have this word in their subscription; Pss.7, 80, 83. Gittith is from Gath, (Judg. 6:11, Neh. 13:15, Isa. 63:2, Lam. 1:15) “The word speaks of the fall, just as Shoshannim, [lilies] speaks of the spring. Hence Shoshannim, (flowers) is associated with the spring festival [Passover] just as Gittith (fruit of the vine) is associated with the autumn festival (Tabernacles). The Passover told of Jehovah’s goodness in Divine redemption; the Feast of Tabernacles told of Jehovah’s goodness in Divine keeping.”2  [emphasis mine]

1 Kings 7:19 And the chapiters that were upon the top of the pillars were of lily work in the porch, four cubits.

“Lily”-white flower in color, with a straight tubular trumpet shape, carrying a musical connotation, associated with the joyful praise of the day of trumpets. Shoshannim (Lilies, or the Spring Festival, Passover) This word is found in the subscription of two Psalms 44, 68… “as the spring and autumn were appropriately represented by flowers and fruit respectively, so lilies and winepresses were singled out from each. The Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles divided the year into two fairly equal parts; the former being the spring festival and the latter the fall…. lilies and pomegranates (spring flowers and autumn fruits) were everywhere seen in the Temple (I Kings 7:20-22), and the knops (or knobs) of flowers of Ex.25:31-34 were doubtless the globe-like pomegranates and lilies 3. [emphasis mine]

Even as the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, highlighted on their Feasts and Holy Days in the Hebrew Calendar, mark the East-West Cardinal Directions as seen in the Hebrew Tabernacle and Temple, so we see this emphasized in the heavenly signs surrounding the Biblical Astronomy of the Birth and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This is detailed in the Jupiter-Venus conjunctions of 3-1 BC, marking the Birth of Jesus Christ. We have seen this with Jesus fulfilling the sufferings of his first appearance on earth in his ministry to Israel, with the heavenly signs of Revelation 12:1-4, marking the birth of the Messianic King.  So we will also see these heavenly signs fulfilling the dual significance of Revelation 12:1-4, birthing the Messianic Kingdom in the glorious Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a series of Jupiter-Venus conjunctions that have already begun, which are an important element in the heavenly signs marking the glorious return of Jesus Christ, and they will mark the constellations of the eastern quarter of the Israelite encampment around the ancient Tabernacle of Israel in the wilderness, even as the heavenly signs surrounding the birth of Christ did.


Ancient Tabernacle of Israel
The Hebrew Tabernacle


In Exodus 28:33,34 and 39:25,26 we find a description of the robes of the High Priest, one of the threefold offices of Jesus Christ. An interesting feature of his garments was the globe-like pomegranates and lilies, around the hem of the High Priest’s ephod. The ephod was tied to the four-corners of his square breastplate, holding the 12 jewels associated with the twelve zodiacal signs, aligned to the four Cardinal Directions on the horizon. Thus, not only the architecture of the Temple, and Tabernacle contained the hidden zodiacal symbolism of the Hebrew calendar, but also the clothes of the High Priest, every detail of which was fulfilled in the ministry of Jesus Christ. The symbolism of the lilies and pomegranates seen in the temple architecture was also mirrored the two basic portions of the year, according to its civil and ecclesiastical divisions, that we have referenced above. Alfred Edersheim supports this view as follows:

The division of the year into ecclesiastical, which commenced with the month Nisan (end of March or beginning of April), or about the spring equinox, and civil which commenced with the seventh month, or Tishri, corresponding to the autumn equinox, has by many likewise been supposed to have only originated after the return from Babylon. But the analogy of the twofold arrangement of weights, measures, and money into civil and sacred, and other notices seem against this view, and it is more likely that from the first the Jews distinguished the civil year, which began in Tishri from the ecclesiastical, which commenced in Nisan, from which month, as the first, all others were counted.4


hebrew tabernacle
Hebrew Tabernacle

As the context of I Kings 7 continues, we find more details of the geometric structure and mathematical symbolism of the Temple, it’s furniture and services, in agreement with Edershiem’s views above.

God’s people are no longer dependent upon the sacrifices of bulls and goats by a High Priest that could only enter the presence of God in the Tabernacle once a year, but would have continual access to the Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ, the High Priest after the order of Melchisedek. As we have pointed out in other studies on our web-site, [read more] the planet Jupiter was known by the Hebrew name Sedeq, showing the relation of the planet Jupiter with the person and everlasting priesthood of Melchisedek. The Jews looked upon him (the Messiah) as the royal offspring of David “the Sedeq Branch” (Jer. 23:5 Jehovah-Tsidkenu). Further, the word Sedeq was associated with “Melek,“- (King), combined into “Melchisedek,” the Righteous King.5

Hebrews 7:11
If therefore perfection were by the Levitical priesthood, (for under it the people received the law,) what further need was there that another priest should rise after the order of Melchisedec, and not be called after the order of Aaron?

Heb 10:19 -20
Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;

 This is consummated in the final Paradise Administration referred to in Revelation 21-22. We find this in the reference to Jesus Christ as the “no more curse” in Rev. 22:3, who healed the curse that was put upon man as a result the fall in Genesis 3:17.

Rev. 22:3 And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and his servants shall serve him:


Rejection from Eden
The Way of the Tree of Life


 Thus, the birth of the only begotten Son of God signaled the beginning of the end of this curse. In Genesis 3:24, after God rejected Adam and Eve from Paradise, He protected the Way of the Tree of Life on the east side of Eden, with the Cherubim’s fiery sword, until the redeemer could come to reactivate the way of salvation and eternal life with God, for humanity. This door ultimately lead to the altar of the holy of holies, (the Life) in the inner heart of God’s Sanctuary, in the holiest of all in the Hebrew Tabernacle and Temple, containing the Ark of the Covenant.

The truths of Jesus as the Shepherd are vividly seen in three Psalms 2223 and 24, showing the sufferings and glory of the Lord. As the Prophet, the Good Shepherd gave his life not only for the sheep, but for the safe-keeping of all people who would come unto him [John 10:11]. As the High Priest and the Great Shepherd, he is the first, last and only door, the alpha and omega, which provides the way of access through his resurrection [Heb. 13:20] unto life, into the true spiritual fellowship with our Heavenly Father. As the King and Chief Shepherd, his victorious Second Coming will exhibit his final glory, coming as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, [I Pet. 5:4, Rev. 19:16].

   Thus, like the eastern shepherd, Jesus Christ embodies Jehovah-Nissi: the redemptive name for JehovahGod protecting His people, [Ps. 23:1].

The pattern of the east-west axis through the Hebrew Tabernacle and Temple is also found in the order of heavenly signs surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. We find this in the pattern of three Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions, marking the birth of Christ that occurred from 3 to 1 BC. The first Jupiter-Venus Conjunction was in the final degree of Cancer, near its zero line border with Leo. The second was in fully in Leo, while the third was in Virgo. These three conjunctions in Cancer, Leo and Virgo represent the eastern quarter of the Hebrew zodiac, the heavenly image of the eastern side of the Israelite’s wilderness camp, the entrance or Way to the Door of the holy place (the truth) in the Hebrew Tabernacle. The temporal progression of these planetary conjunctions perfectly matches the divine pattern of Israel’s tribal arrangement on the eastern side of the Hebrew TabernacleJudah/Leo was due east of the entrance to the holy of the holies, via the holy place, centrally located between the other two eastern tribes of Issachar/Cancer and Zebulon/Virgo. These planetary unions surrounding the birth of Christ are fully detailed in my book on The Season of the Morning Star. This eastern door to the Hebrew Tabernacle represents the way, the truth, and the life, of John 14:6, which is embodied in Jesus Christ as the risen Son and light of the world, the door of the sheep, the Good Shepherd [Jn.10], the true way which leads unto life.

The Biblical Astronomy of the heavenly signs leading to the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, not only follow the pattern set by the heavenly signs surrounding the birth of Christ in 3-2 BC, but they also conform to architectural structure of the Tabernacle we have already seen in the Tabernacle of Moses. The first Jupiter-Venus conjunction associated with the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015 took place in the Beehive cluster in the Sign of Cancer, on August 18th, 2014. There are multiple Jupiter-Venus Conjunctions set to take place in 2015, all in Leo, with additional Jupiter-Venus unions occurring in Virgo in 2016-17. The temporal progression of these planetary conjunctions again perfectly matches the divine pattern of Israel’s tribal arrangement on the eastern side of the Tabernacle, clearly marking the way for the Triumphant Second Coming of the Lord. The brilliant and effulgent light of the Sonrise of the Ages, with the dawning of the Sun of Righteousness, will be the sunburst of the Great Day of the Lord’s Second Coming, when the Daystar arises in our hearts; [II Pet. 1:19].  


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Biblical Astronomy of the Venus-Mars Conjunctions of 2015

Birth of Jesus Christ
Biblical Astronomy of the Birth of Christ

Biblical Astronomy of the Venus-Mars Conjunctions of 2015.

The Biblical Astronomy of the Venus-Mars Conjunction of February 22, 2015 is a unique heavenly sign, the first of two Venus-Mars conjunctions in 2015. The first Venus-Mars union from Feb. 21-22 in Pisces, presages the Spring Equinox on March 20th/Nisan 1, while the second Venus-Mars conjunction occurs November 3rd, 2015 in Virgo. As we stated in our previous post, the Total Solar Eclipse on Nisan 1, opens the ecclesiastical year in the Hebrew Calendar on the Spring Equinox, even as the Partial Solar Eclipse marks the opening of the civil year on Hebrew New Years, Sept. 13, 2015 and the Feast of Trumpets.

Even as Jesus fulfilled the Spring Hebrew Feast and Holy days, from Passover through Pentecost in his first appearance on Earth, and his ministry to Israel, so we can expect him to fulfill the Fall feasts and holy days of the Hebrew calendar in his victorious return. We can see this in Christ’s ministry as Prophet, Priest and King because as he embodied the one-time perfect sacrifice for Israel as the Passover Lamb, so he also took on the duties of the High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek, whose eternal priesthood has permanently replaced the Aaronic Priesthood, with the sacrifices of bulls and goats. These duties were highlighted by the sufferings of Christ as he laid down his life not only for Israel, but for all mankind. The fall feasts however reflect his majestic glory and the inception of his Millennial reign on earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, returning to vanquish all his foes, installing his everlasting Kingdom of Righteousness.

We find this conjunction of Venus-Mars on Feb. 21-22, located on the ecliptic almost at the point where the Sun will mark the Spring Equinox in the following month, on March 20th. This directs our attention to the opening of an important Jubilee year on the Hebrew Calendar, on March 20th/Nisan 1 with a Total Solar Eclipse. Having this Sabbatical year marked not only by planetary conjunctions, but also with the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, certainly distinguishes the Biblical Astronomy this Sabbatical year above many others in the eyes of the Almighty. These two Venus -Mars conjunctions of 2015 effectively frame the crescendo of the Blood Moon Tetrad in 2015, between Feb. 21-22 and Nov. 3rd. This reminds me of some similar heavenly signs involving Venus and Mars that surrounded the Biblical Astronomy of the birth of Christ. Between the March 31st, 2 BC Venus-Mars-Saturn conjunction and the Venus-Mars union of 12-92 BC some key heavenly signs surrounding the birth of Christ enlightened the heavens. The following segment of my DVD presentation on the Biblical Astronomy of the Birth and Return of Jesus Christ, details some of these heavenly signs for us.


For the complete story on these heavenly signs and the Biblical Astronomy surrounding the birth and return of Jesus Christ, you can order your copy of this DVD from our bookstore. [read more]

As we saw in our Biblical Astronomy DVD presentation, the June 17th, 2 BC conjunction of the King Planet Jupiter and Venus the bright and Morning Star was a key heavenly sign marking the birth of Christ. The fact that there were two Venus-Mars conjunctions bracketing this Jupiter-Venus conjunction, between March 31st, 2BC and Dec. 9th, 2BC, should alone arrest our attention. But when we add the fact that the greatest portion of heavenly signs marking the birth of Jesus Christ in 3-1BC were also bracketed by two Jupiter-Venus conjunctions, really causes us to stand up and take notice. The first Jupiter-Venus Conjunction took place on August 31st 3BC, in Leo with the last one occurring on August 21st 1BC, in Virgo.

As the main heavenly signs marking the birth of Christ are summarized in the Alpha-Omega signs of the Biblical ZodiacVirgo and Leo, we see the signs of the celestial Sphinx emphasized once again. For more details on this topic, please refer to my study on the Biblical Archaeo-astronomy of the Great Sphinx [read more]

Since the Venus-Mars conjunctions of 2015 bracket the crescendo of the Blood Moon Tetrad in the Sabbatical year of 2015, we see Venus-the bright and Morning Star unified with Mars, signifying the Warrior Archangel Michael, emphasized in their battle joined against the forces of darkness. Even as the Dragon attempted to take out the promised seed of Israel, Jesus Christ at his birth, so the persecution of Israel has continued, as the series of Blood Moon Tetrads has witnessed over the last 200 centuries. Ever since the prophecy of the Promised Seed first took place in [Genesis 3:14-15] spiritual warfare has been waged [Rev. 12:7] between the forces of Light and Darkness, coming to points of crisis as seen in the dual fulfillment of [Revelation 12:1-4].

The blood moon of April 15 passes over the winged figure of victory gracing the cenotaph at Queens Park in Maryborough.
Archangel’s Sword and the Blood Moon

As we have already seen, the dual fulfillment of [Rev. 12:1-4] is witnessed in the sufferings of Jesus Christ, fulfilling the Spring feasts and holy days as the embodiment of the Passover Lamb in his ministry to Israel. The glory of the Lord is seen in his fulfilling of the Fall feasts and holy days in his victorious return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The events playing out in today’s Middle East region surrounding Israel’s current war, is setting the stage for the end of days– the final events of human history leading up to the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the 2015 Blood Moon Tetrad concludes later this year, a key aspect of Joel’s Prophecy [Acts 2:20] will have been fulfilled before our eyes.

Acts 2:20 “The Sun shall be turned into darkness and the Moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord Come.”

It was not a coincidence the Apostle Peter quoted the words of Joel in the preamble of his Pentecost sermon; [Acts 2:17-20] opening the Age of Grace. This period of God’s awesome blessing which brought us the availability of the spiritual new birth, was kept secret by God since the World began, [Rom. 16:25-27, Eph. 3:2-7]. Now we stand at the precipice of the fulfillment of this wonderful Age, the end of which Peter prophesied at its inception, whose conclusion will witness the ultimate victory over the forces of darkness told in the heavens by these specific celestial signs. The series of partial/total solar eclipses on the Lord’s Feasts and holy days, along with the series of Blood Moon Tetrads leading to the concluding Blood Moons we are about to witness, including the first Blood Moon this year coming on April 4th in the Spring of this Jubilee year of 2015, initiates the completion of the set of preliminary heavenly signs that Joel prophesied would take place. Since there are no more Blood Moon Lunar or Solar eclipses scheduled to fall on Hebrew Feast days for the next 500 years, there has never been a time in human history where all the prophetic requirements leading to the End of Days has been in place like they are now. Joel told us these signs would occur “before the great and notable day of the Lord,” referring to the long-awaited return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Recognition of the specifics of how the second fulfilling of [Rev. 12:1-4] comes to pass, along with the key planetary conjunctions and other heavenly signs, involved in the completion of this scenario, will tell the tale of the Biblical Astronomy of the End of Days, as we countdown to 2017.

Blood Moon Lunar-Solar Eclipses and the Lord’s Feasts [Part II.]

History of Biblical Astronomy
Biblical Astronomy of the Hebrew Temple and Tabernacle

Summary of Blood Moon Lunar-Solar Eclipses and the Lord’s Feasts [Part I.]

The first installment of this study focused on many levels of the Menorah pattern of 7, related to the Lord’s Feasts and holy days. When viewed in the context of the Blood Moon Tetrads, the Menorah takes on new light culminating in the Blood Moons of 2014-2015.

Picking up from key elements in the first part of this study of the Blood Moon Tetrads linked to the Lord’s Feast’s over the last 2000 years, we noted important ties to agricultural aspects of the 7 Feasts of the Lord, and their relation to the harvest of certain crops. Within the structure of the Lord’s 7 O.T. Feasts, the Hebrew Calendar focused on three of these sacred feasts, all commemorating the celebration of an important harvest. The first harvest was celebrated in Nisan during the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the barley harvest, when a sheaf of barley was brought to the Priest for the wave offering of the first-fruits of the harvest. This was the first day the Hebrews began counting the 7 weeks toward Pentecost. During our current Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, the next heavenly sign that occurs on a Hebrew Feast will be a total Solar Eclipse, taking place on Nisan 1 of 2015. This represents the center of this Blood Moon Tetrad, initiating the sacred year of the Hebrew Calendar. The 2nd harvest observance was the wheat harvest at Pentecost, 50 days later. The third harvest was the Feast of Tabernacles in the middle of the 7th month. This final harvest of the year included the grape harvest, ending the agricultural year before winter. As these three feasts of the Lord were celebrated during three separate harvests, they also celebrated three great events in the history of Israel. First, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, celebrated Israel’s Exodus from the bondage of Egypt. The second, Pentecost was recognized by Hebrews to mark the time God first revealed the Law to Israel at Mount Sinai. The third feast, the Feast of Tabernacles was a 7-day feast commemorating God’s watchful care of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness forty years. [Levi. 23] As we have just witnessed the final harvest Moon, as a  Blood Moon on the Feast of Tabernacles in October of 2014, we can see the continuance of God’s watchful care for Israel during their current war with Hamas. This war will eventually escalate to a situation where Israel is surrounded by her enemies, intent on wiping her off the map, but Almighty God will intervene to save Israel and destroy those enemy nations coming against her.

Four Blood Moons

The 40 years of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness depicted not only God’s care for His chosen people, but also God’s righteous judgment on Israel for their stiff-necked defiance. God’s plan of redemption was structured around these feasts illustrating future events in Bible prophecy, related to how these feasts are fulfilled in the ministry of Christ as Prophet, Priest and King. The feast of Unleavened Bread shows the resurrection of Christ as the first-fruits from the dead, [I Cor. 15:20-23]. The wheat harvest of the Feast of Pentecost illustrates the giving of the holy spirit on the Day of Pentecost, when the apostles and believers initially spoke in tongues. The Feast of Tabernacles depicts the resurrection of the just and unjust, in the harvest at the end of the world.1 This is being highlighted by the Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015 especially in last harvest Moons, as Blood Moons during the Feast of Tabernacles in both years, emphasized during the Jubilee year of 2015.

There were 7 weeks of counting, that linked Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread with Pentecost. At the time of the first Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, Israel left the bondage of Egypt. A major transition point during the Exodus was the giving of the Law at Sinai, to which Pentecost became linked. The last Passover embodied in Jesus Christ. symbolizes not only Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, but the Church’s Exodus from death and bondage to the OT Law. The current Blood Moon Tetrad of 2014-2015, conspicuously marks the Passover feasts of both these years in the last Blood Moon Tetrad that will not take place again on Hebrew feasts or holy days, for the next 500 years!! Christ’s redeeming work led to Pentecost in 28 AD, when the new birth first became available, and the gift of holy spirit was poured out as prophesied by Joel [Joel 2:28-31], starting a new spiritual administration, the Age of Grace. Christ was resurrected at the first harvest during the Feast of Unleavened Bread, as the first-fruits from the dead. At Pentecost in 28 AD, the believers were made a harvest, manifesting the first-fruits of the holy spirit as they spoke in tongues for the first time; [Rom. 8:23]. Believer’s in the age of Grace having the first-fruits of the spirit, meet Christ in the air in his victorious return for his Saints, gathering us together, [I Thess. 4:14-17]. Christians during the current end times are warned by a series of Blood Moon Tetrads, among other heavenly signs, leading to the last days prior to our gathering together unto the Lord. The final, and complete harvest will be at the return of Christ with his Saints, when the enemies of God are vanquished, and remaining believers are resurrected. God’s Word describes this as the harvest at the end of the world.2 [Matt. 13:38-39]

   As the first-fruits from the dead, Jesus Christ is the crown of God’s spiritual harvest, being resurrected at the first harvest during the feast of Unleavened Bread. At the very time of offering the first-fruits according to Leviticus 23:10-11, Jesus Christ furnished himself as the first-fruits from the dead, the first in a long line of believers who will conquer death. The perfect coordination of the luni-solar celestial cycles with the Lord’s Feasts as we have seen in the Blood Moon Tetrads during the Age of Grace, shows the undeniable witness of the Creator’s Hand behind these events, according to His perfect foreknowledge. The apparent consummation of these Blood Moon Tetrads seems to be taking place at the posting of this Blood Moon blog in the fall of 2014, leading into the Jubilee year of 2015. The sooner the followers of both Christianity and Judaism recognize that Christ fulfilled every aspect of the 1st three of the Lord’s Feasts and the Old Testament Law, the more prepared we will be for his immanent return.

   Jesus Christ fulfilled the OT Law as a result of his first appearance in his ministry to Israel, including the first set of three feasts, opening the way for Pentecost in 28 AD. “When the Day of Pentecost was fully come…” [Acts 2:1a], which had been in process for centuries prior, the way was finally cleared for the holy spirit new birth to be shared with humanity. Now we stand at the threshold of the Lord’s long awaited return when he will fulfill the second set of three feasts of the Lord leading to the feast of Tabernacles as seen in the Hebrew calendar.

One aspect in the celestial relationship to these feasts is seen clearly in connection with the Book of Ruth. This short story in the OT Bible record holds great insight for our understanding of the Lord’s Feasts, as they relate to the 1st and second appearances of the Lord Jesus Christ. Ruth was a Gentile woman, of the Moabites, who by God’s Grace and Mercy was included in the Royal genealogy of King David. Ruth 2:11-12 records Boaz’ high opinion of Ruth and her reward, for her trust under the Hand of the God of Israel. Ruth came to Bethlehem with Naomi, at the start of the Barley harvest [Ruth 1:22 to 2:22], and gleaned in the fields of Boaz till the end of the Barley and Wheat harvests, [Ruth 2:23]. Following this she obeys Naomi’s instruction to go to Boaz, activating her right of the eastern custom called kinsman redeemer. Since Boaz was part of Naomi’s family, and both Ruth and Naomi’s husbands had died, it became Boaz’ right to take Ruth in marriage, if a closer kinsman didn’t activate this right ahead of him. Ruth 3:9 shows how Ruth presented herself to Boaz and how he covered her with his cloak, signifying his acceptance and protection of her in their resulting impending marriage.

As we consider the skies during this time of year in Israel, its instructive to realize Virgo’s position during this harvest season. When viewed historically, we find astronomers as early as Caesius, linking Virgo with Ruth gleaning in the fields of Boaz.3 Annually we can see Virgo’s position mirroring the harvest seasons as follows. Virgo arises in the East during the Barley harvest and Wave Offering, at the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Virgo at Sunset on September 11th 3 BC, marking Christ’s Birth.

virgo at sunset on september 11th 3 bc

   Virgo is at zenith, the highest point in the sky during early evening at the start of the Wheat harvest, during the Pentecost Feast. Finally, Virgo is setting in the early evening western skies of the latter harvest, during the Feast of Tabernacles. As we find in the graphic above, this matches Virgo’s position on the eve of September 11th, in 3 BC!4 We should be reminded that this was the period when the Sun was clothing Virgo, giving us a beautiful link to Boaz spreading his cloak over Ruth, as a figurative sign of his acceptance and protection of her. Since Boaz was part of the royal genealogy leading to the Christ, the Sun of Righteousness and the light of the world, enlightening Virgo is truly a beautiful celestial figure aligning with this Scriptural truth. It also embodies the Bridegroom [Ps. 19:5], as Christ, clothing his Bride-Israel, a figure of the marriage supper of the Lamb, all foreshadowed in Boaz redeeming his kins-woman Ruth! This Marriage Supper of the Lamb will occur during the Feast of Tabernacles, while the latter harvest relates to the 14th day of this seventh month of Tishri.

   Also, when the Gentile Ruth came to Bethlehem, the birthplace of both David and Jesus and was allowed by God’s Grace, to share in the Lord’s royal genealogy, she was a forerunner of the Gentile Magi who came to Bethlehem as the first Gentiles to recognize the promised seed. Remember that it was his starJupiter in Virgo leading the Magi to Bethlehem, following their meeting with Herod. The graphic below depicts, not only the 12 signs of the Hebrew Zodiac in the center of this Temple scene, quartered in the four points of the compass or the Cardinal directions, but also the Tabernacle with Menorahs in the upper box, along with the women, as Ruth gleaning in the fields during harvest time, in the lower box.

Temple Zodiac Floor Mosaic
Hebrew Temple Zodiac

   This perspective on the Book of Ruth gives us a panoramic view of the Biblical harvest feasts in light of the celestial events surrounding the birth of Christ. We can see that these harvest feasts were first addressed to Israel in the Old Testament, with important applications to the Blood Moon Tetrads in the Age of Grace marking the victorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ. As we recognize Jesus Christ; as the master key to unlocking God’s Word, both written in the heavens and in Scripture, our understanding of the majesty of God’s Word and Works to and for man, is enlightened at new levels of understanding that God has opened to us.

Hebrew timekeeping is based on the Creator’s system regulated by the celestial cycles of the Sun, Moon and Stars according to [Gen. 1:14-17]. As we have already seen, the 12 signs/months of the Hebrew Zodiac directly relate to the 12 tribes of Israel, as Israel is enlightened by this 12-fold light of God. The Creator spun the stars and planets in their orbits in the heavens, to shed light upon the earth according to this 12-fold symmetry. We have also seen how the 50-year pattern of Hebrew Jubilees is based on the golden section, or phi ratio which governs the growth life of the plant, animal and human kingdoms on earth. These agricultural and biological growth cycles are in turn ruled by the cycles of Sunlight via photosynthesis in plants, indicating light’s dominion over the four kingdoms of life on the earth. Photosynthesis is possible due to another 12-fold symmetry found in the chlorophyll molecule, a life-giver for the agricultural and biological life kingdoms that transforms light into organic substance. Is it a coincidence that the spectrum’s of light and sound are also built on 12-fold symmetries? Not at all, since God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, and the sound of His Spoken Word at Creation reverberates throughout all Creation since the Beginning, as the basis of what holds it all together. Thus it is fitting that this symmetry is carried to the harvest seasons of the Hebrew Calendar and the 7 feasts of the Lord associated with these harvest celebrations.


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