History of Biblical Astronomy

As we recognize Pi Day on 3-14-2016, its required reading to realize how the Creator utilized this famous mathematical proportion of Pi in Scripture and practically in the construction of His Temple and Tabernacle, which are patterns for the heavenly versions of the Creator’s dwelling place!

These applications of the Pi Ratio in the Bible, provide insights into the Creator’s Intelligent Design of His Creation, so that man would see the fingerprints of the Almighty embedded in the Natural Laws of the Universe, and the Mathematics of Astronomy, reflecting the same Pi ratio evident in the construction of the Great Pyramid.


What a great way to honor God and His Omnipotent Power and Wisdom as He illustrates the beauty of His Hand in operation in His Works…

As a foot note to our previous March post regarding the “Blood Moon Bomb Shell of 2016” the Barley was NOT found to be ripe or Aviv, by March 10th last week in Israel, so the dictates of the Rabbinical Calendar and their mathematical calculation of the Feast and Holy days in Israel for 2016 went into effect. This sets the Nisan 14 Passover date to April 22nd, 2016, since 2016 corresponds to the Hebrew Calendar year 5776-in Judaic inter-calation; also a leap year where the 2nd Adar month is now added. Thus, we will not see the added Blood Moons on Hebrew Holy days this year, but there still may be important implications for 2016 concerning the leap year-so stay tuned to our blog for the news concerning these announcements…

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